Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Thank you Erich (Mancow) Mueller and Pat Cassidy for serving!

Mancow (with shades) and Pat Cassidy (middle) defended the very sleuth-like reporter Amy Jacobson's right to call Ron Magers (top) arrogant this morning.  
But soon Pat Cassidy was walked out of the building by security! 
I think security walking people off the premises is a very unseemly use of corporate power unless their is a very, very, very urgent reason.
Then to add more drama, 
WLS, began  to advertise Cisco as the new 9AM jock.    
Also, Cisco went to WLS from 560-WIND.  Will Mancow go to WIND?  
Interesting that both Cisco and Mancow are Evangelical Christians. 
I think they both went to Moody Bible Institute! (Unconfirmed)