Monday, February 22, 2010

Palin Sincerely Suppports John McCain

Rush has been talking lately about how Scott Brown and Sarah Palin owe John McCain loyalty because of the role he played in their coming to national attention. Rush seems to be suggesting the kind of loyalty that is political, and behind the scenes at least, insincere.  And specifically that Palin may be leery of getting criticism from the media if she were to not support John McCain in his reelection campaign.

There are a few flies in the ointment with this line of reasoning.  

#1 Regarding Scott Brown, who says he isn't a McCain-like Republican?  Who says he's a die-hard conservative?  Yes, of course he will show himself to have some RINO leanings.  Like it or not, pro-choice Republicans tend to be wobbly fiscal conservatives.  And after all, he's a pol from Massachusetts!  The bright side will probably be that he's not Teddy Kennedy.
#2 Long before McCain plucked her out of her Governor's mansion, Governor Palin was a solid backer of his during the 2008 primary season.  She was not a backer of Fred Thompson or Tom Tancredo, but John McCain.  Let's not kid ourselves.  In my view it is things like her guts and fighting spirit and her vision for where America should be heading and not her every impulse that I believe America needs.

#3 When Sarah Palin states something, I always take her at face value.  She loves John McCain as a true American hero.  End of story.  She loves him for representing American grit under pressure and yes for not always siding with the GOP machine.  God bless her even if I don't always agree with her. She's loyal to McCain because of his status as an American hero not as an IOU for the 2008 trial by fire.  

As Rush himself hinted at last week, true loyalty is a conservative value.  Sarah Palin is a rock star because of her sincerity, integrity and character, not because she is a meet and greet, networking, you scratch my back I'll scratch yours kind of Republican.