Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Perfect Preview of How Palin will Dominate 2012 Election

It's obvious that Palin has a perfectly honed knack for summing up political frustrations--just like she did in Alaska when she put the Governor's jet up for sale on e-bay.  By scribbling on her hand she perfectly rendered the difference between Obama and herself.  The Hawaiian Spend-aholic vs. the 'el Cheepo of vacation visor fame.  The clunky, heavy and fragile teleprompter vs. a single black pen.  It shows she's game to allow, and encourage, a partisan minority to grow in it's hate for her as she solidifies and delights the independent middle.  Even if Gibbs and company see through her strategy they can't help themselves from piling on and at least keep the Obama base happy.

hat/tip Hillbuzz...