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Ramras is a happy fel-low!

...Not at all the porn-head who makes lewd remarks in political circles.

US Soldier Demands Apology From Senator Claire McCaskill at Town Hall

Monday, July 27, 2009

Hers or Gifts?

Sarah Palin seems too private a person to arbitrarily carry a book she has been reading with her to a public event. She was seen on Saturday with the new Mark Levin book, and right after the election as she was traveling back to Alaska she was photographed holding a Thomas Sowell book. Aren't these most likely gifts given her by supporters? That said, I'm sure she is selective about carrying books, or anything with a message, regardless of what someone might decide to hand her.

4the Soldier: Stop Making Things Up!

Andrea Tantaros on Farewell Address

Great observations! Suggests bias may backfire in a devastating way for big media. Pay attention Fox News, with your ka-chink bias!!

Friday, July 24, 2009

The C4P story on Politico

Great story at Politico about the Conservatives4Palin Blog! It details both the Alaskan anti-Palin bloggers and tells the lower 48 C4P narrative: how it fell into place and emerged as a must read after engaging with misogynist frat boy, Ray Ramras. Those barbarians Rock!

Guns, Plutonium and Steel

Here's to gray. Let's become the somber States of Gray, as opposed to the Red States. Gray is the color of the 2nd Amendment. It’s the color of shale and plutonium. It’s the color of the metals basket that out to be anchoring the dollar. (Forget gold, let the price of some non-precious, working metals, like steel, plutonium and titanium, anchor the dollar.) And it’s the color of the 10th Amendment, being the color of the construction tools needed to dismantle the overreach of the new Federal Government.

For me it'll be Gray vs. Mauve in 2010 and 2012!

My President is (still) Mauve.

Let’s replace Red & Blue with more pertinent colors. Gray & Mauve would be exactly right, mauve being the color of a lot of pink with a touch of Black.

Coldest State, Nicest Looking Future Governor.

Lt Gov Sean Parnell and Lieutenant Colonel David "Tunes" Looney of the Alaska Air Guard in front of (the newly financially stranded) F-22 Raptor at the Maxwell Air Force Base.

Plan B: Senators Boxer and Kerry Engage Palin on Energy

in the Washington Post...

The Foundry (Heritage Foundation) responds to Boxer and Kerry with kosher data.

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Governor takes part in traditional Eskimo dance in the village of Kotzebue

Allison Wasuli, newly crowned Miss Arctic Circle, speaks with Palin in Kotzebue.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

John Irving book

Last year, novelist John Irving dutifully flaunted his uninformed condescension in his pre-election Sarah Palin comments.

But his better angels are on display in his great novel: The Fourth Hand. With nicely crafted sentences and clever insights, Irving contrasts the capacity to make interpersonal commitments in Green Bay WI with fancy Media Elite circles in Manhattan.

Interestingly for Sarah fans, the similarities between the salt of the earth, cold weather toughies in Green Bay and the Palins are actually strikingly obvious, even if totally unintentional. So striking, in fact, I actually wonder if Irving have felt somewhat obligated to clarify his contempt for the Palins--despite the similarities that haunt his brilliant 2003 novel.

Diane Sawyer on fish guts.