Saturday, November 6, 2010

Sen.-elect Marco Rubio Delivers Weekly GOP Address

Fine words. the video's definitely worth watching. But regarding this address Ed Morrissey writes: "The GOP may not have had a speaker like Rubio since Ronald Reagan, excelling at both the message and the mechanics of oratory."   Hmmm.

Even though Rubio doesn't live up to much of his hype it comes not from him but usually from the establishment GOP, Ed Morrissey excepting. (His oratory skills are good but not remarkable and his reputed "sunny" persona is closer to "earnestly gracious.")  He does inspire in me confidence in the future of GOP.  He's conservative, serious and smart, and his guardedness is a plus.  It's like Rubio knows he needs to tread carefully across the minefield of America's dire situation before a intensely pro-Democratic media.  The media's hatchet jobs in the midterms seemed to work sufficiently in at least creating a chilling effect even in those already irked by the liberal spin.  Similar to Allen West, Rubio's guardedness is appropriate to the situation. Though he takes the opposite tack from Sarah Palin, I like his message and approach.  He's being himself.

But the weird hype surrounding him that pretends he is warm and personable worries me.  When Republicans lie to themselves we face crushing defeats.