Saturday, September 26, 2009

WSJ delusional about Republican Primaries.

Kimberly Strassel's interview with Mitch Daniels starts out this way:

'You'll be the first to know," laughs Mitch Daniels. But "don't hang around the phone."

The Indiana governor is answering a question he gets asked a lot these days. Will he run for president? He keeps saying no, but the collapse of such GOP notables as Sarah Palin and Mark Sanford has people looking north. Mr. Daniels is today something rare indeed: a popular Republican.

Nothing seems as odd to me as conservatives treating the current situation as if nothing has changed--no shameless and newly over the top propaganda from the networks and other fringe media, no tea party movement, no obscene, nation-reshuffling spending, no anti-American czars advising the President.

No--Mrs Palin and Glenn Beck are just goofy people making non-typical decisions for no particular reason.  (And I'm thinking of her brilliant resignation, here.)

I guess if you make the decision at the outset not to bring ideas like "morality" too deeply into the discussion, things like moral outrage, which Palin and Beck so perfectly personify, never make much sense.