Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Challenge to China to reform as it "rises"

In her speech, she called the Obama administration’s decision to impose duties on Chinese tires a “mistake” and said America’s alliance with Japan “must continue to be the linchpin” of regional security.
“We simply cannot turn a blind eye to China’s policies and actions that could undermine international peace and security. China has some 1,000 missiles aimed at Taiwan and no serious observer believes that it poses a military threat to Beijing,” she said. “Those same Chinese forces made our friends in Japan and Australia kinda nervous. China provides support for some of the most questionable regimes from Sudan to Burma to Zimbabwe.”

Palin said her comments did not show any hostility towards China. “We simply want them to rise responsibly,” she said.

Trade with China will grow, including exports of U.S. high- tech goods, “we need China to improve the rule of law and protect intellectual property,” though for that to happen she said. “In the end, though, our economic relationship will truly thrive when Chinese citizens and foreign corporations can hold the Chinese government accountable when their actions are unjust.”