Saturday, July 30, 2011

Rothschild on Romney's "Electability"

Lynn Rothschild, a former Hillary supporter who backed Palin's ticket in 2008 despite being a Democrat, is continuing to fight Mr. Obama by supporting Jon Huntsman. I am glad she sees right through the idea that Mitt Romney is electable. Earlier this month she said:

“I feel sorry for Mitt Romney,” she said. “I think Mitt Romney has the Al Gore problem, which is that he’s perfect on paper but he does not connect with people and I don’t think there’s anything he can do.”

“And I think his flip-flopping is not a good thing,” she added. “He’s made too many Faustian bargains and we need somebody who stands up for what they believe. I think Obama would roll him…I don’t think he can beat Obama.”

I actually think the fact that Romney's flip-flopping has crystallized far more than it had in 2008 is a much bigger problem for his campaign than ObomneyCare.