Friday, February 11, 2011

Video of panel on Sen. Dole with Michael Glassner, Palin's new COS

PLS2010Dole2.wmv (video/x-ms-asf Object)

Glassner discusses something interesting at about the 27 min mark. He describes how Sen. Dole's "exit from the Senate" was particularly graceful as he became the party's nominee. He remarks that more recently (John) Kerry and (John) McCain's returning to the Senate [after their losses] made for less grace, and presented a whole host of awkward moments that was avoided by Dole's more graceful exit. [And getting awkwarder, in McCain's case.] Interesting for someone who worked in the McCain-Palin Campaign, suggesting a clear-eyed view of that campaign.

He also [at about the 60 min mark] describes how Dole as senator and on the campaign trail went to an unusual number of town hall meetings and how at these local meetings Dole would often ask the veterens to stand and be publicly recognized. Glassner observes that the recognition may have been the only time that neighbors and friends would learn that these Kansans were veterans and the only time they were publicly recognized before their neighbors and friends.

Glassner sounds like a guy with unusual attention focus on big issues and to detail.