Tuesday, August 31, 2010

GB: "This is it."

In beginning his address at his Restoring Honor rally, Beck quoted the Gettysburg Address, saying that this particular line was running though his head all day: Little will note nor long remember what was said here today.

Instead Beck stressed that it was what was done that mattered. He argued later that what was done was that a fire was started that would continue to burn in our national life.

I think he is right. This national awakening that I think really has begun is about turning to God and turning away from sins, specific and very relevant sins like hating one's political opposition. To me this is the legitimate path of repentance for America. To me it's repentance in the Biblical sense.

In my understanding, repentance as a rule is sloppy and theologically confused. That's what it is because a sinner is always confused. Instead of being a step in conversion (as if it was not really for all men but only those that are in the process of converting) repentance is a desperate lurch toward God. The point of repentance is the about face from sin and the resurgence of hope for God and God's refreshing ways.

So while some of the Christian leaders who Beck contacted for support have qualms about being led by a Mormon, and while I'm the first person to have qualms about wobbly theology, repentance is different from the rest of the gospel. It can be a little wobbly on theology as long as the truth is loved and the person repenting is fully devoted to continuing to seek the truth. The person repenting may not even be familiar with the term repentance.

The ultimate biblical example of a repentant person is the prodigal son. And he was confused and had to be corrected by his father. He was a son eager to be a servant. But his father instead wanted to rejoice in his son's son-ship.

In the same way, repentance facilitates coming fully to Jesus Christ. My prayer is that those at the mall would follow in the steps of the prodigal and come to the Father's loving embrace and receive the full blessing of becoming his regenerate children.