Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Dan's a Beard

IMO, Dan is (fake) coming to the dance with the Patriot movement, when he's really in bed with the Illinois patronage industry, especially Gaming.  We all know Dan's cozy with the very Illinois political interests that necessarily feel threatened by proven reformer Adam Andrzejewski's painfully doable plans to cut 10 Billion from the Illinois budget by way of executive orders.

We should try to remember that even in the age of Obama, 10 Billion is a lot of money. So unless the Illinois Patronage Industry [heart] a Governor Adam zeroing out 10 B, then common sense tells us there are strategies in play to keep those scary executive orders at bay. Especially in a year of political upsets.  As Rush and Hannity have been floating, one national Dem strategy is to split the  anti-government vote by floating fake candidates. Good insurance policy, especially when the candidate starts raising their own cash from outraged Patriots.

Surprise anyone the strategy would pop-up first in Chicago?

  1. (1)    The Tribune reported after getting the Mayor of Cicero elected, Dan received no-bid contracts worth of $500K+ a year. (yes, that's ultra-corrupt Cicero.)
  2. (2)    After working on Patrick O'Malley's campaign, he worked with the Gaming industry to bring a casino into Cook County.  Now Dan's providing an assist to the Gambling industry by floating the idea to privatize Illinois State Gambling.  One more public-private sweetheart deal [slash] taxpayer boondoggle we cannot afford.
  3. (3)    Why would a real reformer not make public his income sources?  To what tune has Dan benefited from the Gaming Industry?  (See Carol Marin call for Dan to make public his income sources.)
  4. (4)     Why has Dan--before his decision to run for governor--made painfully public his philosophy of using evil to achieve his ends?   Urquhart Media is the highly meaningful name of Dan's political consulting firm. What's in a name? Dan carefully explains...

    "House of Cards [Note: House of Cards was a Thatcher-Era Novel and hit BBC Series] comes closer to showing one man's pursuit of power at its venal finest than any fictionalized account of politics since Macbeth. Urquhart -- played to perfection by Ian Richardson -- schemes, dupes, cajoles, seduces, blackmails, extorts, and eventually even murders his way into No. 10 Downing Street in such an awe-inspiring display of cunning and ruthlessness that you find you can't help but root for this most evil of men.  ...  As to whether it is inappropriate for a communications consulting firm to take as its namesake one of the most malevolent characters in the history of politics... you might think that. We couldn't possibly comment."

    The "couldn't possible comment" line became a cultural reference point in the U.K. due to the huge popularity of the show. So at least the pretentiousness of Dan is no longer up for debate.