Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Ayers really did write Obama's book...

A HarperCollins celebrity biography on the Obama's, "Barack and Michelle: Portrait of a Marriage," breaks the story that Michelle suggested Obama deal with his writers' block while writing his first book by going to their friend Bill Ayers for help.  And that Ayers took over the project.  See American Thinker for details.

Well, if Obama had writers' block, and didn't really write his acclaimed first book in his own voice or a voice that he created in the process, than what does that say about one of the major reasons he impressed the elites--that he could write so much better than other pols... And doesn't it follow that the voice he uses now is partially Ayers as well? Where do speech writers find the voice for their subject? Don't they get voice from current speeches? In Obama's case, I bet they also mined his "well-written" book.  This would partially explain why his interviews in the 90's sound so different from the current ones.  He not only acquired a better grasp of his American black patter and developed the clipped, decisive sound of the proverbial leader, he also adopted the lofty community-constructing rhetoric of Bill Ayers as well.