Saturday, August 15, 2009

Former boyfriend and his sister try to out themselves as Bloggers' Source?

Bristol Palin's big mistake and his sister are desperately trying to grab the spotlight once more. They are grabbing older people as dates and contacting tabloids to get the message out: Todd and Sarah Palin, in their lame opinion, have a terribly troubled marriage, are about to divorce, or something similar.

And frankly, who else is more likely, in the Palins "inner circle" (ha ha), to be the "source" for those catty Alaskan Bloggers?

I think the Johnsons are trying to make the point --which may become the crucial legal issue in an upcoming libel case--that they really do believe this splitsville stuff. Nice try. I'd like to see them deposed by Mrs. Palin's lawyer.

See The Other McCain for more on the Alaskan blogger who has been peddling lies as truth.